Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sigma DP1 specs and images

The exclusive Sigma DP1 wide angle compact is finally here. The Sigma DP-1 is a fixed lens rangefinder compact with a quality lens equivalent to 28 mm in 35 mm terms.

The Sigma DP-1 is probably the most awaited compact ever, among the enthusiast / pro community and the expectations on this camera are very high. It is one of the few compacts to have a 28 mm angle and a quality fixed lens. Even if the lens is F4 we should expect sharp results wide open.

Sigma DP1 images illustrate a good-looking camera measuring 113 millimeters wide and 240 grams with a 2.5 inch screen.

If the image quality is good - then this is a Canon G7 killer. It the same sleek body as the canon but lacks the zoom lens and IS. But.. and these are important points for many: it has a 28 mm lens, and it shoots RAW files.

The most interesting part of the Sigma DP1 is the Foevon X3 sensor that is between 12 and 7 times bigger in area than other compacts on the market. This is the same sensor you will find in the Sigma SD-14.

The Foevon sensor which is a CMOS captures light on 3 different substrates and lacks the normal bayer mask that traditional CCD and cmos sensors do. The upside on this is image quality and color fidelity. The downside is cost and file size.

The Sigma DP1 captures images at 2652x1768x3 layers. File size becomes equivalent to 14 megapixels. You will need very large memory cards for this camera.

You can expect very very good noise performance in this DP1 compact. It also has the same True Image processing that the sd-14 dslr has.

The body has the black zen finish we are accustomed to from Sigma lenses.

The Sigma DP-1 also has integrated pop-up flash and a hotshoe for esternal flash and the external viewfinder (รก la leica). Check out the square lens-hood. Pop it on and you it will look like a leica. Will it take as good images as the Leica M8? Time will tell, but it has the potential to be a superb performer.

Sigma DP1 specification highlights

  • 28 mm lens
  • Largest sensor area of any compact
  • Foevon sensor
  • Raw file format
  • 9 focus point, can select single
  • Full manual controls
  • Shutter speeds 1/4000sec. to 15sec.
  • 8 white balance modes incl. custom setting
  • Built-in flash + hotshoe
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