Sunday, April 1, 2007

iStock buys Dreamstime microstock

There has been a lot of speculation about Getty Images buying everything that moves in the stock photo business. The deal with Jupiter is off, and some are suggesting Getty might be heading for a hostile offer on Corbis.

I can´t see the headlines "Getty buys Corbis" for 2 reasons: competition regulation might come into play, and Corbis has too much financial clout and prestige in the backdrops. So what is left for Getty Images to buy after the iStock acquisition?

Well, the next stock photo headline will be "iStockphoto buys Dreamstime Images" or something similar. Get ready for the Microstock market consolidation.

Nost Microstocks have identical images, since all microstock is RF and most submitters are not into exclusive rights, so what would be the point?

  • Killig the competition
  • There are some exclusives at each agency, meaning quality portfolio additions.
  • Editors at each agency sometimes pass different images, the mismatch grows the portfolio.
  • Aggregation of clients allows for price extensions and better profit.

    iStock is the most respected Micro player and together with Shutterstock the most profitable fo the photographers. If the cash and guts are there, it would be easy for iStock to become superbly big. Dreamstime and Fotolia are the only real competitors and gobbling them up would open for a whole new scenario where iStock is the only player.

    I am not counting in Shutterstock since it is a 100% subscription service.

    So, did you think this was an April fools thing? Think again.
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